Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about joining Aspire as a Trainee

Why our trainees recommend Aspire

What Brings People to Aspire?

What Is Aspire?

Aspire Oxford is a thriving, dynamic organisation which helps people who have experienced disadvantage, inequalities in the labour market or other situations that create barriers to work, gain the experience, confidence, skills and employment they need to get back into full-time paid work - including through real work experience in its own social businesses. 

Who Can Join Aspire?

Anyone who has a barrier to work can apply to join Aspire; perhaps you've been homeless, or maybe you have a previous conviction, or maybe you've overcome an addiction. Aspire works with anyone over the age of 18, with 3 months' sobriety if drink or drugs have been a previous issue, and who do not have schedule 1 offences.

What do I get out of it as a Trainee?

You will get the opportunity to develop your self-confidence, gain real work experience and develop your work skills to enhance your employability. We will provide a job reference to record your achievements while at Aspire. You will have access to a variety of training opportunities, ranging from Literacy and Numeracy, through to CV writing and interview skills.

You will get to work with people, who like you, are trying to make positive moves in their lives. You will increase your confidence working in teams, and independently. You will have to solve problems and learn how collaborate to achieve goals.

You will get your travel costs and lunch costs reimbursed on a daily basis while you are working with us.

How do I join?

It's easy - complete and return the referral application form to us at, or contact one of our Employment & Development Workers to arrange a meeting.