Partner With Us To Enhance Your CSR Credentials

Aspire are the social value experts - partner with us to enhance your chances of success


Partner with Aspire when you tender for public service contracts in Oxfordshire or the Thames Valley, or when you're looking to refresh your supply chain - with our built-in social value, it's the smart and responsible way of ensuring that doing business benefits everyone.

In a world of 'greenwash' and unfulfilled Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, partnering with Aspire shows that you're serious about demonstrating how your organisation can genuinely and measurably contribute to the communities you operate in.

Aspire's business model comes with social impact built-in. We offer your organisation an intelligent buying choice - you can secure a professional, high quality and competitive service AND add high-impact social outcomes in your supply chain.

Public Services, Social Value

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2013 is simple and powerful: it gives commissioners of public service contracts the opportunity to take into account social value when choosing their suppliers.  The Act responds to a hunger in public services to do things differently.

Smart Business For Everyone

Commissioning for social value is smart business for everyone. As a supplier tendering for a public service contract, by partnering with Aspire, you can deliver a professional, value-for-money service, and add social value. They are not mutually exclusive goals.